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themountainlaurel:  Gabe McClintock Photography

just a foot smaller.

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One saucy boi

Warm tender moments sprinkled throughout the day #PBperfectsaturday with @CaitlinFlemming and @PoppyBarley

Warm tender moments sprinkled throughout the day

having to stand on my toes to give my love a kiss <3 (:

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lovers :: Moment of complicity


That height difference though. That's gonna be me and my husband unless he is just really short too.

I met the love of my life at 17, while both of us were working at Burger King. She hated me at first — thought I was an arrogant know-it-all. Over the course of a few months, we formed a friendship.

After 16 Years With My Wife, It Still Feels Like The Honeymoon Phase. This is SPOT on! Men take note because these are the true "secrets" to getting the girl AND KEEPING HER. It's really that easy.

JESS + NATE  crazy amazing work.

Can't pull myself away from this one - the lighting, the blurry/motion-filled bottom half of the image with the top half in crystal clear focus.

just dance with me

cute! :)

Oh my gosh! I would love to do an engagement session inspired by this for book…

so beautiful- I dream of a love like this.

Make sure your outfits match your personality and are comfortable. If it's freezing, bundle up. Lots of opportunity for layers (Love this shot by Benj Haisch)

Portland Engagement Photographer - Karen & Josh at Bon Fir Cabin in Mt Hood

Hood Honeymoon Adventure by Portland Engagement Photographer Kim Smith-Miller.

san francisco is for lovers.

san francisco is for lovers // Je suis nostalgique!


Fearless Award by Juya Gentil (Colombia) - Collection 16

Hiccstrid or The Squad

Looks like Ally & Ron

The red balloon photography | seattle coules photographer

Engagement Photography on the Beach Beach engagement couple photo shoot photography pre wedding ideas inspiration