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adorables !

I just looove Meerkats ;) Meerkats group hug - Photo by Fajar Andriyanto

You can have whatever you want, merrkat pup. *rips off arms* *gives them to you with teeth*

INFP: Meerkat INFPs are deeply ethical and idealistic, loyal to their family and closest friends, and guided by their desire to live a life according to their values. They are curious about those around them, but will not accept threats to the security o

Le suricate est un mammifère carnivore très prolifique originaire des déserts d’Afrique du Sud Ouest. De petite taille (moins de 60 centimètres), le suricate se nourrit principalement de racines, de bulbes de plantes, d’insectes, de reptiles et même de rats et d’oiseaux !

16 drôles de suricates repérés sur Pinterest

the adorable Meerkat. No wonder he makes such a great cartoon model.

Meerkat: I know you have a snack for me.

Cute little meerkat face

Red Fox Sarah Furchner Photography

Sarah Furchner, an award-winning Wildlife and Nature Photographer from Northern Ontario, shares with us her unique perspective of Northeastern Ontario.