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Petition · H. Ayuntamiento de Xalapa, Veracruz: Prohibit the use of horse-drawn carts to collect garbage in the city of Xalapa and its periphery · Change.org

Petition · Intendente Sergio VARISCO: We demand that you enforce the ordinances.

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A beautiful bay Hackney,   British, the breed developed from the Norfolk Trotter and Yorkshire Roadster combined with Arab and Thoroughbred blood, to produce a graceful, stylish, high-stepping carriage horse.

The graceful harness horse - Hackney horse - UK horse -Horse and Pony Breeds

BLACK FOREST Horse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;small to medium sized draft horse; has a dark coat with flaxen mane and tail; also called Black Forest Cold Blood; Germany is the country of origin

The German Black Forest Horse. The wonderfully thick mane and tail mane of the Black Forest breed is a perfect match to its bulky draft-horse physique. The breed is known for its deep chestnut color with a light flaxen mane and tail.

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Trekpaarden Draft Horse - Working for a Living

Draft-horses pulling tree trunks at the Pannenhoef, Ticheltse Berg, North Brabant, Netherlands.

Waiting for the results of the six horse hitch championships at the Royal

The arena at the Ricoh Coliseum was a sea of horses as the competitors in the six-horse hitch championship for Percherons, Belgians and Clydesdales stood waiting for the results.

telegraph:  Sporty Royals:  Duke of Edinburgh competes in the driven dressage event at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

Sporty Royals: members of the Royal Family take part in sporting activities

telegraph: Sporty Royals: Duke of Edinburgh competes in the driven dressage event at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

Rhenish-German Cold-Blood - It is threatened with extinction and is on the Red List of endangered native breeds in Germany .

The Rhenish-German Cold-Blood (Rheinisch Deutsches Kaltblut ) is a draft horse which comes from Germany. This cold-blood was very popular in its heyday at the beginning of the century, but now there are fewer uses.

Noddy, Australian shore at 20.1hands

Among the tallest horses in the world: Luscombe Nordram, aka "Noddy", a Shire…