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The Blue-and-yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna), also known as the Blue-and-gold Macaw, is a large South American parrot with blue top parts and yellow under parts. It inhabits forest and woodland of tropical South America.

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My new pet - might be smaller than the real one, but is still quite impressive for a bird, and he is silent and totally non-destructive. Blue-and-yellow macaw

Amigurumi y-Guacamayo azul/loro patrón de por CAROcreated en Etsy

Ravelry: Amigurumi Blue-and-Yellow Macaw/Parrot pattern by CAROcreated design

Oh I just love the crochet parrots since I'm a parrot owner myself! Crochet pattern on Ravelry!

Rainbow Lorikeet pattern by CAROcreated design

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Amigurumi Tutorial: How to Sew Limbs  - PDF File, click: "How to sew limbs on Bratz inspired doll"  here:

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Chili the Parrot  $5.80

Chili the parrot amigurumi pattern by IlDikko

Omg he's SO cute! He looks like a red version of Blue from Rio!   -Chili the Parrot Amigurumi Crochet

Chili the Parrot Amigurumi Crochet

He looks like a red version of Blue from Rio! -Chili the Parrot Amigurumi Crochet--craftsy pattern