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The Pack Doctor - Moment

God gave me the World one day I told Him he could keep it. I just want my Wife. He told me just for that He'd give Me both because we all know by now that I wouldn't hesitate to give up everything for that beautiful girl

5.22. Городской рюкзак. Теперь только так.


Prince Street Bike Style Cool loose clothing and comfortable chic backpack Photo: Melodie Jeng

i want to travel and do fun things and meet cool people but traveling is expensive and i'm still a kid to everyone in society

sometimes I wanna shave my head and stop worrying about how I look, just b bare and confident n u kno I want a lot of things but I wish I could rock shaved hair without my family judging me like I can't even b gay OK RANTdonE

attitude is everything!!!!:

The recipe for becoming a successful bike commuter is to have a positive approach to whatever mother nature decide to throw at you.I am thinking these could be great metaphors for life also.