junzo terada

Texture clipping masks and opacity changes/blend modes on simple shapes in Photoshop ¤ - Illustration by Junzo Terada, Miro & Chacha.

the art room plant: Junzo Terada III

A print from Junzo Terada's exhibition Cat at Gallery Vie last year, beautiful graphic design.

Animal illustrations - Guestpinner @happymakersblog - llustrator: Hiroyuki Izutsu  #kidsdinge

♞ Artful Animals ♞ bird, dog, cat, fish, bunny and animal paintings - Izutsu Hiroyuki

There's a guitar...

Kiyoshi Saito woodblock prints - vintage scandi style inspired graphic drawing illustration girl and black cat.

Gatti colorati

Happy cats in rainbow colors by ~astamedit cat illustration

Shall We Curl Up - Fine Art Print (Large)

Shall We Curl Up - Fine Art Print

Shall We Curl Up - Fine Art Print (Large) beautiful wallpaper. One Million Short Stories : Giclee Art Print

©CZM - 2010 (El Gato Gomez)

Mid Century Modern style artwork signed CZM by modern artist El Gato Gomez

Darwin's Finches ~ Charley Harper

biology book, with graphic of the finches of the Galapagos studied by Charles Darwin. Illustration by Charles Harper