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Julie Andrews, you are awesome :)

Julie Andrews Is Officially The Queen Of Everything. <--- actually, she is the queen of Genovia

When a 12 year old (Zach & Cody!) teaches an adult a lil somethin' somethin about...somethin.

Suite Life of Zack and Cody, words of wisdom. They should put the old stuff back on Disney instead of this new stuff.

And simple mathematical challenges.

21 Ways To Live Like Chelsea Daniels From "That's So Raven"

That's So Raven Miss this show so much :'( am i the only one that thinks disney channel should have like a throwback thursday and play all the old shows? This was my favorite episode!

A bit of a fixer upper-watching this movie right now!

So Hans is a bit of a fixer upper.So he's got a few flaws. <<< a FEW flaws! His whole life is a flaw!

Not to mention the press tour, which was just full of Chris Pratt perfection.

26 Times Chris Pratt Ruined Men For You In 2015

This is so cute

And then on the "Serious Case of Benjamin Bottom", it was their baby as well.<<<*Curious* Case of Benjamin *Button*

This is so great!

Funny pictures about That's why Julie Andrews is so great. Oh, and cool pics about That's why Julie Andrews is so great. Also, That's why Julie Andrews is so great.

I was actually enjoying the heartfelt story and then there was that

Such a sweet story. and then that comment and I just WOW I'm laughing so hard right now XD

Absolutely love Lilo & Stitch - All about FAMILY

16 Shockingly Profound Disney Movie Quotes