Inès Esnal : Zimaa's

Inès Esnal : Zimaa's

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こぼした絵の具の花が咲く - まとめのインテリアの画像


Orange flower art that just makes me smile! guerilla street art gardening whimsy with marigolds

Bahar Yürükoğlu makes icebergs bleed neon colors

Vibrant colors could be the next big architecture trend don’t you think?

English artist Christine Wood uses little squares in glass to create very beautiful circular artworks where the light reflects different colorful patterns on the wall. She plays with geometry, shadows and the viewers’ perception

Glass Reflection And Patterns

Geometric Arrangements of Colorful Glass Reflect Patterns of Light - My Modern Met

colorful umbrellas - I want to do this with mini ones in the hallway from the kids room

Creative Draping loves this: PORTUGAL great party/wedding/shower idea: hanging colorful umbrellas; photographed by Patrícia Almeida

Borboletas Coloridas de Origami   Comunicadores

Borboletas Coloridas de Origami

hang colorful origami birds in your office Could also use colorful magazine pages to make it an UpCycled decor thing.

BoldB (Britta Boeckmann) | The Carrotbox Jewelry Blog - rings, rings, rings! | Bloglovin'

BoldB (Britta Boeckmann) (The Carrotbox Jewelry Blog - rings, rings, rings!)

we could make some relatively simple geods with lighting gels or thin plastic and shine light in them for a dramatic effect Via Lionel Esteve, "Prototype for a Chaos II" 2010 Courtesy: Galerie Perrotin, Paris

Color As A Remedy For Disaster –

Color As A Remedy For Disaster

We can think about time travelling but we can also be funny on Earth.

Modern art made twee. Untitled illustration by Connor Clark Latexballoon/Air/Museum, exhibition: Hans Hemmert, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea CGAC, Santiago de Compostella

this is an awesome way to display stuff!

New York architects SO-IL have designed these coloured acrylic display cases in geometric shapes to showcase pieces by German porcelain brand Meissen in an exhibition at Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

balloons and glowsticks

magical light installation by British lighting designer/artist Bruce Munro. Field of Light was displayed at the Eden Project in Cornwall from November 2008 – March