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Staglieno Cemetery in Genoa, Italy - breathtaking beauty in the intricacy and delicacy of the statuary.

Highgate Cemetery. The tomb of Thomas Sayers, the boxer. The dog represents his pet, Lion., via Flickr.

Highgate Cemetary, London - Grave of Thomas Sayers,Victorian bare knuckle fighter. The dog represents his pet, Lion. During his boxing career he was only once defeated. He was the first boxer to be declared the World Heavyweight Champion.

Incredibly beautiful and powerful grave stone. Imagine the joy of the child who, confined to a chair in this life, crosses over and is lifted from that seat, free to run, play and go anywhere he wants, with no limitations!

This unique monument shows the young boy jumping upward, out of his wheelchair. Confined to the chair most of his young life, he is now free of earthly burdens.

The grave of a traveling salesman.

The Suitcase Tombstone in Lincoln, Kansas, was featured in the book: The Soul In The Stone: Cemetery Art From Americas Heartland by John Gary Brown famous-unique-grave-stones

Boothill Cemetery, Tombstone, Arizona, USA--- I've been here, I have a picture of this very grace marker

"Here lies George Johnson hanged by mistake He was right we was wrong, but we strung him up and now he's gone" Boothill Graveyard,Tombstone, AZ Did the old cowboys have a sense of humor?

Savannah Bonaventure Cemetery

Savannah Bonaventure Cemetery

Are you into ghost tours, or the paranormal, if so then you need to visit the Bonaventure Cemetery.

Eddie and Josie Dimick, children of Otis Dimick, a prominent Rock Island businessman, both died on Oct. 22, 1878, of diphtheria. At first the family dog would visit their graves when the family visited. But soon he visited their graves every day, staying from sunrise to sunset. When the dog died, the family erected a monument memorializing his dedication.

Eddie and Josie Dimick, children of Otis Dimick, a prominent Rock Island…

Found in a Rhode Island cemetery (the "haunted cemetery" according to locals).

Found in a Rhode Island cemetery (the "haunted cemetery" according to locals).so sweet and beautiful, but so sad and haunting.

NEUROTOPIA - romanzo tra prosa e poesia nei deliri di un medico legale: Esempi di statue dei Cimiteri Monumentali. Il laicismo, il verismo. L'erotismo.

Sculpture of a man seemingly on his death bed while a family member kneels beside him and an angel hovers over him.