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"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view […] until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." (39). In chapter 3 Atticus explains to Scout not to judge anyone before you've exprienced things from they're point of view. This is important in the setting of the story, because there is a lot of stereotyping and hate.

we set up a Dolmansaxlil Shoe Shop Intensifier Ray. And suddenly the people are gripped by an insane, irrational desire to build…Shoe Shops! In every road, on every street corner, in every city shopping precinct, shoe shop after shoe shop.

Lovely backgrounds that capture light exceptionally well

shows angles of window gobos for court scene - also back up for forest Lovely backgrounds that capture light exceptionally well

Chien Chung Wei - Google Search

THE GREEN BY CHIEN CHUNG-WEI. Despite the somber pallette the sparkle of highlights gives much life and energy to this beautifully painted image.

AnneliesClarke   WATERCOLOR

Title: poppy Seed heads This is a high quality full sized Gicl?e print, of an original watercolour of poppy seed heads in a vase. The original

"As horas azuis" - Aguarela de C. Rey

Les heures bleues Contemporary Art, Paintings, Watercolor Author: Rey Catherine 23 x 23 cm / x in Theme: Still life /

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Акварель | VK