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That rat is SO FLIPPING CUTE and that tattoo along the thumb is crazy cute too!

Status Quo: He hates people but admires animals like Toby and Wellington. He always goes home to take care of Toby his pet rat. He goes to school Monday-Friday and he lives in England.

This is the sweetest thing! My rats always love eating my food. :3

Funny pictures about Tiny Rat-Sized Pancakes. Oh, and cool pics about Tiny Rat-Sized Pancakes. Also, Tiny Rat-Sized Pancakes photos.

My rats: Blinkin's twitching nose

ᙢєʀⱴєįℓℓєųx яαɬᏕ (My rats, Blinkin's twitching nose)

ᙢєʀⱴєįℓℓєųx яαɬᏕ

Fancy rats can will eat just about anything you can. You should monitor what foods you feed your pet rat(s), as some are better than others.

Rats--adorable and discovered to not be responsible for the black plague.

russian-blue-agouti-rex-and-siamese-dumbo-rat-sold-52fa15a777f07.JPG (1280×1106)

Russian blue agouti rex and siamese dumbo rattie!