Mind over matter

I have to start thinking about my grade’s lesson on roman numbers… I can’t quite remeber all of the really high ones :D After a binge (gahh I know) I started making more motivational post-its to.

Get fit

Fitness Tips Start Running. Drink More Water. Log What You Eat. Never Skip Breakfast. Exercise With A Friend. Eat More Veggies. Set Goals and Rewards. Weigh Yourself Weekly. Have Fun and Stay Positive!

@Sara Hartnett @Lisa Sawyer -- I feel like yall would agree with me on this one!

Runner Things When you have such a good workout, it clears everything up mentally, physically, and you just have a better day.

Lovely.  I think I eat at least 50 of those stupid cherry M&Ms a day.  Damn you Mars company!

If 1 M and M = a football field, is that whole candy bar worth it? Clean Eating motivation I'm never eating candy again unless I have a football field

Muffin Top-Less - No more excuses!!!

Who else is guilty of this? I'm pretty sure I've used every one of these at some point. Truth is that there are no excuses when it is something you want bad enough. Let's make 2015 the year of no excuses.

I'll try very hard to keep this in mind the next time I don't want to go to the gym...

Not sure about all that, but a good start i suppose. Or one candy bar.

Just the fitspiration you need to get you off your butt and to the gym--pronto

24 Fitness Quotes More Motivating Than Tony Horton on Crack

holy shit body #Femalefitness

holy shit body #Femalefitness

Be Fit! #fitfamily

I’ve been on a journey to get healthy since June of I made the decision to change six months before my birthday. I was determined to change my lifestyle and my life.

My rewards sheet. At the bottom, I have pounds lost and non-food related rewards. As I lose, I tear the tab :) #weilos

Feeling Great While Losing Weight [Proven!] Feeling Great While Losing Weight [Proven!] Feeling Great While Losing Weight [Proven!] Sometimes, it seems like reaching that goal weight is just a fantasy.

need to print this out and take it to the gym with me...

keep going. that pain you feel? that's fear melting away like wax off of a candle that's weakness washing out of your pores like a monsoon. that's the old you being shed away like dead skin. rising out of the ashes of your former self.

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No Excuses! Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving

Let every bead of sweat motivate your a bit more quotes quote legs fitness muscles workout motivation exercise motivate workout motivation exercise motivation fitness quote fitness quotes workout quote workout quotes exercise quotes sweat