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Felieke van der Leest "Run Roadrunners Run!"

Felieke van der Leest Piece: Run Roadrunners Run ! 2013 Silver, plastic animals, cubic zirconia, glass beads, polyethylene x x cm Object with bracelet

Image result for plastic waste jewellery

Image result for plastic waste jewellery

Felieke van der Leest.  © By the author. Read    Klimt02.net Copyright   .

"Referee-San" by Felieke van der Leest. I swear this is the last one I'm pinning.

Xavier Monclús. Brooch: Pastanaga Speed, 1995. Silver, bronze, wood, acrylic, enamel paint. 38 x 77 x 11 mm. Photo by: Xavier Monclús. From series: Toys. Published at: Un art íntim, 1996. Published at: Lucca Preziosa. Oreficeria europea contemporanea, 2005.

Platform for the communication of the international art jewellery.

Jack Cunningham, 'The Great Barrier' . Photo by Electric Egg.

Commentary on ‘Transplantation A sense of place and culture- British and Australian Narrative Jewellery’ Samuel O’Hana Art jewellery

Moon Young Shin: A walk, brooch silver Red Thread, 2009

Felieke van der Leest second_peleton

Felieke van der Leest second_peleton

Key To The City

I can't actually get over the fact something this beautiful exists Solid Silver Agra Skyline Key Knuckle Duster Ring