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Un ángel llamado Carpathia. El hundimiento del RMS Titanic causó la muerte de 1.517 de sus 2.229 pasajeros y tripulación, en uno de los desastres más mortíferos de la historia marítima en tiempos de paz. Los 712 sobrevivientes fueron llevados a bordo del RMS Carpathia.

Today in History: April Carpathia brings the 705 survivors from RMS Titanic to New York City.


Titanic's Belfast launch - unseen pictures

Raising the anchor for the last time, the Titanic departs Queenstown (Cobh), Ireland, at 1:55pm on April 11, 1912. Titantic Photographs by Fr. Francis Browne - LightBox

100 Years Later: A Snapshot of Life on the Titanic

Titantic Photographs by Fr. Francis Browne - Raising the anchor for the last time, titanic departs Ireland 11 th April 1912

The Titanic's watery grave

The wreck of RMS Titanic was discovered on 1 September more than 73 years after its.

In a rare and wonderful treat for #Titanic historians and casual fans alike, “new” photos of the Titanic have surfaced in a private collection and have been shown to the public for the first time in a century. The photos show Titanic’s launch from the Harland and Wolff Arrol Gantry when she was just an empty hull, and the complete and freshly-painted ship’s departure from Belfast for sea trials. Other photos from the same collection also show Olympic, Titanic’s identical sister ship. All…

Titanic's Belfast launch - As the ship begins to slide into the sea the crowds run after to catch a glimpse of it going into the water Photograph: National Museums Northern Ireland


RMS Titanic Taken at Southampton Harbor, England United Kingdom in April Photo of the ill-fated RMS Titanic still in dock at (I believe) Southhampton England just prior to the ship's maiden voyage.

History of the Titanic

The Titanic leaving Queenstown (Cobh), County Cork, Ireland - its last port of call before sinking 3 days later.

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titanic at the bottom of the ocean. My husband built the camera in the ROV at upper left. This picture is a composite of thousands of photographs taken at close range. A photo from this vantage point on the ocean floor is impossible.

Male and female survivors of the Titanic crew at dinner in the shed set apart for them in the docks at Plymouth after their rescue. (Topham/Topham Picturepoint/PA Images)

*TITANIC SURVIVORS~Male and female survivors of the Titanic crew at dinner in the shed set apart for them in the docks at Plymouth after their rescue

The Empress of Ireland in port.

The Empress of Ireland--A Forgotten Tragedy

This Hub explores the events surrounding the sinking of the Empress of Ireland, one of the worst shipwrecks of the century.

Rare Unseen Images of the RMS Titanic Captured by Father Frank Browne

The Odell family on board the tender Ireland after they had disembarked from the Titanic with Father Browne. Young Jack Odell, in school cap, is accompanied by his mother, Lily Odell. MacVeigh stands on the right.

Titanic cruise delayed by high winds... The Balmoral, which will retrace the voyage of the Titanic 100 years ago, was forced to reduce speed en route to Ireland.  Those aboard the Titanic memorial cruise pointed out the 12-night trip was retracing the route of the doomed Titanic 100 years ago and not re-enacting it. The ship was due to deliver all 1,300 passengers on to dry land in New York on 19 April. With global warming, I doubt they will find icebergs obstructing their path.

Titanic cruise delayed by high winds



Early morning hours of April 15th, 1912. Titanic lifeboats are brought on board the Carpathia

Early morning hours of April Titanic lifeboats were brought onboard the Carpathia. This is one of the Titanic lifeboats being drained of water aboard the Carpathia