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FAKE: Caption, saying first slave owner was black, Africans would sell their own people as slaves, and the Irish slave myth FACT: first slave owner in the US was White-Hugh Gwyn; Africans sold enemies to slave traders, not "their own". 3. There were NO white slaves in the US, just indentured servants who were NOT treated better than slaves

3 Controversial Words We've Drained of Meaning

The Barbary Slave Trade-interesting fact: liberals always claim it's conservatives and libertarians that change history.yet it's liberals that leave out little details like this.

Then you have Trump that faked bone spurs to get three draft deferments from the Vietnam war..while still playing Football in college..and according to him he was the best player the school had ever seen. He also played several other sports. No wonder he is buddies with Ted Nugent who crapped in his pants for a week?4 going to his induction physical. Traitors

American Presidents in uniform. I really think it should be required for a president to have served in the military.

Wow Wall Street was good to them huh?  Yeah they fight for the poor little people. Sure!

Fuck the thieving CLINTONS. they are no better than the Obami family and now that the granny is going yo be living off of us Hard working Americans.to the tune of per year. What fuck in the senate okayed this salary?

Just a reminder

The true meaning of liberal _ unlike the Australian Liberal ( Conservative ) Party !

Patriots Who Dare... Join our fight to save America!  Click Here http://bb4sp.com/ #BB4SP

Voter ID Truth. If it benefits the Democrats, the rules of common sense don't apply.

Adopting a child should not cost more than aborting one.

Adopting a child should not cost more than aborting one. Adoption over abortion! Get these kids homes, and end abortion

Get into heaven

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT HYPOCRISY The persecution of Christians in America is a sad thing. Hypocrisy at work people! It is time to do something about this while there is still a little hope this country is savable, but we have to do it quick!

War is the enemy, it´s based on ambithion, a root of many things that can become our enemies ...

Funny pictures about Difference between war and revolution. Oh, and cool pics about Difference between war and revolution. Also, Difference between war and revolution.

Saw this post earlier and want to add a few things...

Saw this post earlier and want to add a few things.<< it's a valid point.