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Elegant elephant

Elegant elephant

I like how the artist only used light colors for this picture to make the picture look soft and calm. I also like how the picture is “balanced”, the focus point of the picture are the top right and below left. The colors and the sketch matches perfectly.

How to draw a rose

How to draw a rose for kids step by step. How to draw a rose for kids step by step. How to draw a rose for kids step by step easy.

Doodles, Doodle, Zentangle

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I chose this for rhythm because they are all the same drawing being repeated but the color makes the drawing interesting so you dont just see the same thing being repeated. Without the color it would almost be the same drawing repeated.

| ❤ Gypsy style  △ Via Afrikraaft  www.pinterest.com/afrikraaft/gypsy-style/ △

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