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Intocable <3

Ricky Munoz de Intocable My FAVE group in the whole wide planet!


Chinas Poblanas - I would love to hang this in my house. very few pictures of beautiful Mexican women~

Emiliano Zapata Salazar - Mexican Revolution

This Collection Of War Photography Holds Some Of The Most Haunting Images You'll Ever See

Carlos Santana - you can always hear his magical guitar when he is playing.  One of the best!

100 Greatest Guitarists: David Fricke's Picks

oh muddy my muddy Muddy waters- MANISH BOY

McKinley Morganfield a.a Muddy Waters (Born April 1913 - Died April This musician is better known as "The Father of Chicago Blues". He is also the real father of famous blues musicians Big Bill Morganfield and Larry "Mud Morganfield" Williams.

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Christina Martinez ( Grandmother, Grandfather & Great Uncle (Mexican) During the Mexican Revolution CE Photograph;

Selena Selena Selena

Selena Selena Selena , Loved her and the movie is always part of my childhood too . but jlo could never touch selena

Jorge Negrete - Mexico: My parents bought me a cassette tape of his music, One of our favorites..!

Jorge Negrete - Mexico: My parents bought me a cassette tape of his music, One of our favorites.

Mario Moreno CANTINFLAS  Un maestro de la comedia: sencillo, simple, travieso y profundo.  Su discurso en Las Naciones unidas en 1966, en su personaje de Diplomático hablando de los Colorados y los Verdes, sigue tan vigente ahora como entonces.  Que carencia de hombres así hay en esta década.

Mario Moreno b in San Miguel on the saliva de Quetaro

Little accordions

OMG ,I have to have an accordion somewhere in the doll house.My father could play an accordion.I miss the old bird.