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I wanna go to SeaWorld soooo bad

Do you think that killer whale is happy?

So shocking to see the size of this whale next to the trainers and yet he is the helpless one! Something so powerful should not left to rot in a tank seriously not in 2016

SeaWorld Gives Up Fight to Keep Trainers in the Water With Killer Whales

California Becomes First State To Pass Landmark Bill That Bans Orca Captivity And Breeding

Why do they keep dying on us?

Say no to aquariums and marine theme parks.

Tilikum, SeaWorld's most exploited orca, has died.

We are all looking for a way to get active and do our part to help free Tilikum and others held captive by marine parks. A new campaign is under way to do just that - unite the public's power and finally free Tilikum from captivity.

Keiko the orca

10 of the world's most famous whales

"Free Willy" was a 1993 movie about an unconventional friendship between a young boy and a captive orca that's forced to perform at a water park. captured from the wild as a young whale & brought to live at an aquarium.


SeaWorld Slashes Worker Hours To Avoid Obamacare Fines


Whales mate for life and can live up to 80 years in the wild -------- Killer whales do not mate for life. Females can live to be whilst the males can live to be

How to Visit Sea World Without Breaking your Budget - I remember Sea World as a kid and learned so much from there I can't wait to take my kids!

An orca greets visitors during show at SeaWorld Orlando. (From: Photos: 11 Spectacular Destinations You Should Book Right Now)



Sea World, San Diego

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Marine life : killer Whale AKA orca did you know that orcas are not whales they are dolphins.

Tilikum at SeaWorld - you can see his collapsed dorsal fin.

SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment: Aid in the rehabilitation and release of Tilikum back into his native Icelandic waters

Seaworld San Diego Orcas! This little girl is Amaya! Her name means Night Rain in Arabic. Born on December 2nd 2014, she is the most recent orca born at seaworld. She is Kalia's first calf. Her mother is Kalia and her father is Ulises. She is a captive born orca although it is unknown if she was conceived from mating or artificial insemination

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Free Willy Killer Whale

Whale watching on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. thinking about going whale watching on Vancouver Island at Port McNeill or Telegraph Cove

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Pour l'amour des orques

Corky 2 is 52 years old, and she's my favourite captive Orca. She is super sweet and gentle, and is ready to get along with any other Orca introduced to her.