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These 30 Owls are Totally Awesome- I think this is a Malay Eagle Owl.

| October | Fluffy Little Owls & Coppery Leaves

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Large Sainted Barn Owl Painting.  Fine Art.  by SorchaMoon on Etsy

Sainted Barn Owl Fine Art Original Oil Painting by SorchaMoon


Saw-whet owl Windsor Ontario. View full screen for better detail. Just beautiful photography

The Red Owl (Tyto soumagnei) is an owl in the barn owl family Tytonidae. It is also known as the Madagascar Red Owl, Madagascar Grass-owl and Soumange's Owl. It is a rare resident of Madagascar that was virtually unknown from its discovery in 1878 to its rediscovery by researchers from the World Wide Fund for Nature in 1993.

The red owl resembles the cosmopolitan barn owl but is smaller cm) and has rich orange plumage with small black spots. It is known to live in humid evergreen forest and dry deciduous forest in the east of the island,

Great horned owls are fierce predators with an appetite for skunks (an unusual yet regular part of their diet), birds (hawks and waterfowl), and mammals (commonly mouse to rabbit size). They use their sharp eyesight, acute hearing, and specially edged feathers for nearly silent flight to hunt and capture prey stealthily at night.

Looks like he just spotted something he's happy about. Horned owls actually like to eat skunks.talk about bad breath!