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El cuadro de el greco, el entierro del conde Orgaz, ``protegido´´ en la gerra civil

El cuadro de el greco, el entierro del conde Orgaz, ``protegido´´ en la gerra civil

Opening of the fifth seal (The vision of Saint John the Divine), 1610, El Greco

Against Apocalypse

The opening of the Fifth Seal of the Apocalypse El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos)

The Disrobing of Christ or El Expolio is a painting begun in the summer of 1577 and completed in the spring of 1579 for the High Altar of the sacristy of the Cathedral of Toledo, where it still normally hangs. Wikipedia Artist: El Greco Location: Poti Created: 1577–1579 Period: Mannerism

The disrobing of Christ(El Expolio) El Greco -Sacristy ot the Cathedral ofToledo,Spain

el greco paintings | El Greco, The Holy Family with Mary Magdalen , about 1590 to 1595 ...

The Holy Family with Mary Magdalen: 1590 - 1595 by El Greco (Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio)

Annunciation by  El Greco ~ 1595  AMAZING, AMAZING!

El Greco Annunciation , Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of Annunciation 1 by El Greco.

Resurrection, 1584-94 by El Greco by El Greco El greco likes to use darker colors in his paintings this shows thes use of darker color tones

The Resurrection - El Greco. Oil on canvas. 108 x Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain.

El Greco, The Disrobing of Christ, 1577-79, Sacristy of the Cathedral, Toledo, Spain

The Spoliation (aka The Disrobing of Christ) El Greco (Greek/Spanish Mannerist Painter, Sacristy of the Cathedral, Toledo Oil on canvas 285 x 173 cm

Details of works by El Greco~loved seeing exhibition at the Toledo Museum of Art in 1982

Las manos de Estabrook

I have always loved El Greco. free-parking: “ Details of works by El Greco ”

St. John the Evangelist - El Greco

El Greco St John the Evangelist Oil on canvas, 212 x 78 cm Santo Domingo el Antiguo, Toledo

Adoration of the Shepherds - El Greco

El Greco Adoration of the Shepherds Oil on canvas, 346 x 137 cm Muzeul National de Arta, Bucharest