Harry and Ron

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone ““A bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. “You want to be careful with those,” Ron warned Harry. “When they say every flavor, they mean every flavor - you.

Hogwarts, May 2nd, After the Battle of Hogwarts

Remembering the ones we lost /////// 2 May 1998 /////// Battle of Hogwarts concept art by Andrew Williamson.

Draco malfoy

Quidditch by CaptBexx on DeviantArt // holy Merlin, I-I mean. I don't have a huge crush on this artist's Draco or Draco at all.

Harry Potter Movies (I liked this poster to so I am posting as well.

tumblr_oradg224DD1w7d68io1_400.jpg (338×600)

tumblr_oradg224DD1w7d68io1_400.jpg (338×600)

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marauders - Buscar con Google

If a marauders movie was made.this could NOT be a more perfect choice of cast. Like I'd make the friggin movie myself if I could.

Hogwarts houses for the seasons ❤️  #harrypotter #potterhead

Hogwarts houses for the seasons ❤️ #harrypotter #potterhead

Fãs, ou não, de Harry Potter vão adorar dessa versão especial feita em quadrinhos!! As obras não são nada mais e nada menos que o resumo de cada filme, além de ajudar a relembrar as…Veja mais

Filmes do Harry Potter em Versões em Quadrinhos