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Cas calling Dean x]

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Omfg Misha looks sooooooo hot

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lol so I was thinking about destiel like I always am maybe dean is bi-curious

Destiel xD (12x10)

Boyfriend meet your ex.

I don't think I can handle this fandom anymore...Nevermind, yes I can

I don't think I can handle this fandom anymore.Nevermind, yes I can<<< you must stay

DESTIEL TBH in this scene he sounded like a troubled teenaged girl who is dealing with the aftermath of a breakup

*partially naked, but yeah, I wasnt prepared either hah! I don't ship this, but this is gold😂

Cas is more of a Winchester than ever before. He's definitely a brother to Sam and Dean

Castiel is a part of the Winchester family. He's a brother for Dean and Sam. Togheter, they are the Winchesters.

I don't sail on this ship but damn when they hit the nail on the head they hit it pretty damn hard.

I don't Destiel, but I do think they have a very strong bond.


I was offended too cause I was wearing one of my plaid flannel shirts and my dad looked over at me and said "you're a villain"

"Why I ship destiel" Maybe I've pinned this before and maybe I haven't? But it needs to be on this board.

Why I ship destiel (Dean and Cas from Supernatural)<<Woah <- this in depth analysis deserves an applause and A+ omg it's better analyzed than my lit exam


Castiel and Dean

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Dean forgot how to English xD

Dean protects his friends and family

Dean protects his friends and family

Wow, this just tells us how much Sammy meant to Dean

This hurts every fucking time it rips my heart completely out of my chest and stabs it with fucking sporks.

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For all the Destiel shippers >>>> so much hope in one expression. <<< My heart exploded in pain how dare you!

Cas is just making sure his boyfriends ok ❤️

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