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Hetalia Fan Problem: Instantly thinking of the Hetalia equivalent whenever anyone says a country name. [ Submitted by homnomnyan.

The funny thing is that for a second I thought the same thing america did

there aren't words to explain how much i love this <--- I juat died XD America's face in the end!

Neko Japan!! :D

Neko Japan!! :D

Is it wrong that I'm actually singing the last part? XD

) So here is my version of History of Japan- Hetalia Version. I tried to give them historical accurate outfits but I failed //shot.

I feel like the caption is Doitsu's thoughts.

Italy, Germany, and Japan - Feliciano Vargas, Ludwig Beilschmidt, and Honda Kiku

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Hetalia/ Heard you talkin shit---I think this very funny because Germany's actions happen all in less than 1 second in the anime XD

the wall outlet faces of hetalia by russiafan1234

We'll never leave, like it or not. Sorry to all the Otakus who hate Hetalia XD

Hetalia Iceland- -->that's so Me xD

Hetalia Iceland- -->that's so Me xD>>fr though that is not a drill

Hetalia|  chibis, chibis everywhere.

This anime always manages to make me laugh~ Italy, Russia, Japan, and America are forever my fav characters^^ GO HETALIA!