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Eyes of Horus and Ra. Two ancient Egyptian deities. The eye of Horus symbolizes protection, royalty, and good health. The eye of Ra symbolizes good luck.

Obilisk of Ramsis ||

Obelisco Ramses na noite - Templo de Luxor, Egipto / Obelisk Ramsses at Night - Temple at Luxor, EGYPT

Egyptian ornaments and symbols/good for color choices for embroidery

Another type of old art that I love is any type of ornamentation. It could be on a cieling, or in an old manuscript, or even carved into an original piece of jewelry. What I am showing on this lens is a series of illustrations from a French set of.

Ancient Egypt: gold chair found in the tomb of King Tut

If this throne was built to the persons size-they had very long legs!Side of throne chair - lapiz lazuli inlaid into golden falcon wings.

Máscara mortuária do faraó Tutankamon.

Cosmic Ordering Secrets - Only three pairs are the real burst of pharaoh tutankamun.The rest are modern fakes.guess which ones. - 3 Steps To Living A Life Full Of Abundance

His Majesty King Ramses II ♥♥♥ Turin Museum, Italy. .

Ramesses II Egyptian Museum, Turin -not a Buddha but here for the similar art

Anjesenamón (Also Known As Ankhesenamun) was the third of six daughters of Akhenaten (Akhenaton) and the Royal Great Wife, Nefertiti. His original name, Anjesenpaatón MEANS that Lives By The Aton. His exact birth date is unknown, but it likely to be the first of the royal princesses born May at the newly founded capital of Egypt, Akhetaten.

Anjesenamón (or Ankhesenamun) was the third of six daughters of Akhenaten (Akhenaton) and the Royal Great Wife, Nefertiti, probably the first royal princess born at the capital of Egypt, Akhetaten.

Sekhmet, Egyptian Deities, warrior goddess, goddess of medicine, solar deity, fierce lioness

Sekhmet Sehkmet Statue Egyptian Lion Black and Gold Ancient Mother Goddess 7291