My favorite Audrey movie!

Audrey, is that you? Phil Collins' daughter Lily bears striking resemblance to Miss Hepburn in beautiful new photoshoot

Audrey Hepburn by Lea Ann Belter

The photo of Hepburn's wedding gown is still used be brides to describe the tea length wedding dress and is another symbol of style. Her wedding gown drifted away from constricting over the top lace dresses and was fun and light while remaining elegant.

I am going to take you places.

Audrey Hepburn as Ann in Roman Holiday, setting off from the Spanish Steps to spend a day in Rome with Gregory Peck's Character Joe.


Audrey Hepburn ❥ one of the greatest fashion icons ever! classy and stylish always! Audrey, we salute you!

"Beauty is the divine incandescent light in your heart that illuminates our world. Beauty drives away the darkness, and leads us to the world of light that's full of the dazzling brilliance.