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In Uganda: Concern Arises About The Increasing Number Of Chinese Men Marrying Off Their Women!

Stunning Blasian couples photography

So cuteeeee.That little girl has the cutest curls

Thriving families. The mother here calls her family 'mixed and happy' and, in 2009, urged other families like hers to write a judge in Louisiana who denied a mixed-race couple the right to marry. (In 2009! Can you believe it?). Her nickname, by the way, is 'Honeysmoke'. She says her mother provided the honeytones and her father the smoke. :-)  I think that is beauty of mind and soul at its very best! Brava and bravo to you and your exquisite family.

This is an example of family types and the picture shows an interracial family. The mom is Caucasian and the father is African American. Interracial families consist of two different races coming together and having children.