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What is the ideal age for children to begin music lessons? Sarah Baldwin, a Waldorf early childhood educator, offers her opinion and compares Waldorf education

First Piano Lessons for Kids - Let's Play Music - Games and Exercises that can be done on a keyboard at home to help get started with learning the piano

First Piano Lessons: Getting Started

I didn't know Moo-Moos can play piano! ~ Let's Play Music : Getting Started with teaching kids piano lessons at home.

Public speaking is terrifying. That is why I love it! Here is a performance at TED where Improve Everywhere made light of the the most horrifying thing that can happen during a presentation.

When Spinning Beach Balls of Death Attack in Real Life

ImprovEverywhere "spinning beach ball of death" performance from TED

piano with toddler

My mom put me in piano lessons in a Conservatory when I was I'm not sure the Conservatory should have accepted a 3 year old, but my mom.

Piano Teachers Inspire Musicians of the Future

"Piano Teachers Inspire Musicians of the Future" Thank a teacher today! They have a challenging, time-consuming, exhausting job that is all about investing in your children

Pets do like music, but prefer their own picks: Classical or rock is not for the animal crowd, say researchers

Article about what kind of music animals like. Someones job is to research what cats like to hear!

How to do Suzuki Violin with your child: 10 tips

Suzuki violin with your child: 10 tips (includes a cute game idea to make practice fun)

10 things every parent should know about starting- and keeping- their kids in music lessons, straight from a music teacher.

How to waste a ton of money on music lessons. 10 things every parent should know about starting- and keeping- their kids in music lessons, straight from a music teacher

Pequeña Pianista en la Vías

Reminds me of myself as a little kid sitting if front a piano just like this - the tracks Lol

happy birthday piano music | Click here to download the Happy Birthday full piano sheet for free.

Music tempo expressions tell us how fast and with what kind of mood we have to play a musical piece. Here& a great lesson with clear examples.