There's someone out there who spends his or her time creating tiny drum sets inside soda cans. I think it's damn' creative and neat.

GAGBAY - Was at a record store today, seems that some guy is making miniature drum sets in soda cans

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Love the custom shell

Full size drum kit Shell material - 6 ply wood Bracket material - Chrome plated steel Drum sticks - maple Drum sizes Bass Drum - Tom Tom - Tom T

Rebel-30 Tones

This Big Band Drum Kit has everything your child needs to start learning and playing the drums. Designed like a normal drum kit but smaller for your l


BY BRAD SCHLUETER STAND UP FOR YOUR BEATS Cocktail drum sets are wonderfully strange contraptions. Not only do they look unusual, but they usually require drummers to stand up while playing them, b…

Glow drumsticks can go with bass strings! RESEARCH #DdO:) MOST POPULAR RE-PINS - - DRUMS AND DRUMMING JOY. Add drama to low or black light stage band performances settings! #Glow in the dark properties built in- no need to batteries, no paint that chips of #drum #sticks. $30 pair. Fluorescent dyes make different colors. Green &yellow easy; a good purple really hard. Chemical concentrations are adjusted to brighten glow or prolong…

Glow drumsticks - they can go with the neon strings for your bass that will glow…