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This one in blue plz

HAHAHA!!!!!  30 Funny and Honest Company Logos/ Slogans.

The Subway one is totally true 😂👌🏼 30 Funny and Honest Company Logos, Slogans

Muôn kiểu tự sướng

The 24 Funniest Selfies That Have Ever Been Taken- I. -- seriously, jesus & the banana suit

Leslie I died laughing at this and thinking of you but instead of cat it's dogs and instead of brunch it's ootd Bahahaha

Instagram and crazy people…

"That's my face. That's my face. That's my face. That's my face. That's my cat. That's my cat. That's my cat.

Ha, it's the best when they call you your sibling's name and they think their in trouble.

When mothers can’t remember your name…. Bill Cosby himself stand up! My favorite!

I can just imagine Tony sighing and saying "why did I sign up for this again?"

Text from Thor - the toaster.


Apparently Doritos is now located in Video Game accessories at Wal-Mart, LoL.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 83 Pics

Parenting a preteen.Yep, I've met my inner Momster.

OK, who's going to make these T-shirts for me?

Full Semester of Grammar, Proofreading Lessons to Quickly Improve Teen Writers

Funny pictures about Some Truths About Grammar. Oh, and cool pics about Some Truths About Grammar. Also, Some Truths About Grammar photos.

7 Places That REALLY Test Your Relationship

7 Places That Really Test Your Relationship

I feel like I wanna mutder someone and now also I want soft pretzels. - Jess, New Girl. PMS has never been described so perfectly.

hilarious pics of the avengers | The Avengers Movie: Funny Memorable Quotes (7 pics)Vitamin-Ha ...

Oh, Iron Man. Love Stark's face in the bottom picture lol

there's a video game i'd play!

Daily Morning Awesomeness (45 Photos)

Super Busy Hospital - Dmitri Martin I would play this game


Don't fuck with Liam Neeson

ThanksTaken liam neeson, trained batman, why kidnap his family awesome pin

Thats me

Happens ALL THE TIME. Especially the mirror, zombie, and shower ones. And I thought I was the only one!

To shave or not to shave? A life guide.

Should you shave your legs? Hairy legs and jammies. Haha so true, I only put jammies on for my real friends. I'm never caught with hairy legs though ;


Funny pictures about Morning truths. Oh, and cool pics about Morning truths. Also, Morning truths.