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ZsaZsa Bellagio : Photo

what a beauty! I pin to this board because a lot of mountain people have peacocks. I love to hear their call!

Amazing wildlife -  Blue Peacock photo #peacock

Also with hints of blue , but the magnificent ,majestic peacock is one of natures finest sites , its all in that gorgeous tail. Green is frequently featured in the feathers of this brilliant bird to make a lively looking creature.

Cockatiel,  Male cockatiels are more inclined to come up with elaborate songs; either made up, renditions of popular songs or mixtures of both. Cockatiels can also be the perfect cuddle bug, often preferring to perch on their favorite person’s shoulder, and play with their hair or nibble on their jewelry. Female cockatiels have a reputation for being particularly friendly and easy going. Of course, for your cockatiel to want to spend time with you, trust must be earned and maintained.

Cockatiel, Male cockatiels are more inclined to come up with elaborate songs…

How awesome is this? But I don't want one chasing me, LOL!

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beautiful (did you kow this is male peacock- they are trying to lulre the female)


A beautiful India-Blue Peacock [Pavo cristatus] perched on a tree branch

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I have these beautiful (but destructive) birds on my property every day.


A beautiful, and surprisingly tame peacock at Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire.

Peacock on Table | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This peacock hopped up onto the table while we were walking towards him. You can see the sword feathers at the bottom and sides by the eye feathers

""In the Yoruba/Cuban religious view Osun is associated with the color yellow, the important metals gold and copper, peacock feathers, mirrors, and anything of charm, lightness, beauty and sweet taste."(Internet Source)

Joy is a peacock-it's beauty so rare; A rainbow of colors that vibrantly flare…


This picture of Peacocks fighting was taken in the Sunder Nursey of Delhi, India. This picture can also be captioned as - Survival of the fittest.