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Conservatives Against Obama's Liberal Agenda's photo: Seriously but they didn't lose a loved one so "What difference does it make?

Sen. Ted Cruz on Obama Executive Branch excesses

He is speaking of Obama, here. Obama thinks nothing of trampling the U.S Constitution at every turn, at his every whim.

Jay Leno on Obama.

What Jay Leno thinks Obama wants the country to focus on = Conservative Image of the Day: July 2013

Trey Gowdy ~ This guy so awesome. Too bad he can't be cloned. Washington needs an army of politicians just like him. For my children and grandchildren I pray for this.

God Bless men that are Lion hearted against evil -double kudos Trey!

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, no..voted for Monsanto..Trey Gowdy for President, the only one who has been serious, about seeking truths

TRUTH - Trey Gowdy ~ One of the most passionate and capable seekers of TRUTH in the whole country!


they really need to get off of their unicorns and look around at reality. Mistaken belief is right! Life's not fair! Bunch of whiners!


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I have a great idea... Let's circumcise muslims, all the way, root and stem.  Just like women are treated.  Might also slow down their compulsion to rape everything from babies and goats to sheep and knot holes in fences. Oh... do some research. Obama's WH is full of muslim nut cakes starting at top with Iranian Valarie Jarrette (Obama's puppet-master) [Bet she isn't 'fixed', escaping her Muslim Brotherhood heritage.]

Women of every political persuasion should decry such degradation! It seems the men in the extreme islamist movement are nothing but animals.torturing and abusing women.

Go Trey!!!   Yes, more coming on Hill & BO with 50 more witnesses

The Constitution was not written in Chicago. Thank you, Trey Gowdy, for standing up to this Christian-hating, America-hating terrorist-adoring vermin the PC libtards put in our precious White House.


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2016 Yup Yup! Not so sure about the last two (one advocates gun control, the other is just...), but the first two, HEEEEELLLL YEEEESSS!!!

President Cruz, VP Paul, Secretary of Defense West, Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. Add Judge Napolitano or Trey Gowdy as Attorney General and I would be one happy conservative American.