Disney's Beauty and The Beast Character Sketch Art

Disney's Beauty and The Beast Character Sketch Art

Celebrate Disney's Beauty and The Beast Anniversary Blu-ray release by taking a look at some character sketch art from the animated .

andreas deja | Fruitless Pursuits: Deja View - The Blog of Andreas Deja

Andreas Deja was one Disney's top animators. He's not currently there, but in the past he was lead animator of such characters as The Lion K.

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A little while ago I was invited by my friends over at Virtual Animators to give an online lecture on character animation.

Deja View: Milt's Tigger

Way back on the original Winnie The Pooh shorts, Tigger was the last character to be translated from a book illustration into an animat.

Disney Deer Development

This post focuses on the different stages that were involved in the design of deer characters for animation, particularly young adult B.

Visual Development from Frozen by Scott Watanabe

Frozen HD Wallpaper and background photos of Early Frozen Concept Art by Scott Watanabe for fans of Elsa the Snow Queen images.

MULAN concept art, if you guys know who the artists are please tel me so I can credit them. thx!

Film: MULAN ===== Character Designs: Background Characters ===== Notes: I love these designs & the color choices