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Lovely pic

Martin looks dapper in his wedding attire, donning his top hat, with trendy sunglasses, and Benedict checks out his phone in the background - BBC Sherlock - The Sign of Three - behind the scenes

Just kill me

the-art-of-fangirling: “ seriously like every British thing ever has john hurt in it see like harry potter merlin doctor who sherlock ”

Im just gonna sit here and watch this for 10 minutes


And suddenly, a wild Benedict appears. And the reaction of the girl in the blue dress

I want Sherlock to love me!!

#SherlockLives Limited Tshirt

This si so true! My husband hates just about everyone and I have no clue why he loves me.and that makes it amazing.

"It's Steven Moffat!"

Props for use of the Sherlock quote. Even more points to Matt Smith.

Benedict Cumberbatch and his duo-emotioned face

The amazing Benedict <<< I'm sure I've seen Tom Hiddleston doing this before. I think it's a secret talent among awesome British male actors XD

It started back in when the BBC released a new crime drama featuring a smart-ass with curly hair and cheek bones so sharp they could win sword

"As a mental exercise I've often planned the murder of friends and colleagues."

"As a mental exercise, I've often planned the murder of friends and colleagues." His face in the picture.

Benedict Cumberbatch

"believe me, it is a very well deserved title" The fact that he giggled makes me so happy.

Mums are awesome...

A+ parenting. I wish my mom understood my fangirling and would do this to me

That grin though.

"High functioning sociopath, with your number." quote from The Sign of Three (love the lunatic smile.

I love how they stopped signing it

Sherlock and Mycroft's school disciplinary forms. i could definitely see this happening - spin off idea! the holmes boys' shenanigans in school

I laughed a little too hard at this.

I laughed a little too hard at this.

"Killing me.... that was so two years ago!" Best line ever. tumblr_myr6huYUiQ1rs9v2ho1_250

SHERLOCK Bosses Tease Dark Fourth Season

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“Dear you are always our BIG star💖⭐️🌟can't wait to watch Sherlock Special 🙈🐸”