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DAY 465. Kanto 052 - 053 by Cryptid-Creations

pixalry: “ Kanto Illustrations - 073 - Created by Piper Thibodeau Piper’s fantastic series to illustrate the entire Pokedex marches on, and here is the latest installment! As usual, Piper’s take.

Kanto Illustrations #027 - 049 - Created by Piper Thibodeau Piper has continued her amazing illustration series catologing the entire Pokedex, starting at the very beginning. You can follow her on Tumblr for all of her excellent artwork; in fact, we highly recommend that you do so right now. Check it out! http://pixalry.io/post/77869112761/kanto-illustrations-027-049-created-by-piper

Kanto Illustrations - 049 - Created by Piper Thibodeau Piper has continued…

DAY 498. Kanto 111 - 112 by Cryptid-Creations.deviantart.com on @deviantART

pixalry: “ Kanto Illustrations - 111 - Created by Piper Thibodeau Here is part 5 of Piper’s ongoing reimagination of the entire Pokedex! As always, Piper’s skill and creativity continue to amaze.

DAY 118. Background for my Walkman (30 Minutes) by Cryptid-Creations.deviantart.com on @deviantART

DAY Background for my Walkman Minutes) by Cryptid-Creations on deviantART

Cryptid Creations: Goldeen & Seaking

Post with 9849 votes and 224980 views. Cryptid Pokémon (By Piper Thibodeau)

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Digital Artist Creates Adorable Redesigned Pokemon Characters by Piper Thibodeau

DAY 471. Kanto 066 - 067 - 068 by Cryptid-Creations on deviantART

I was dreading the Machop line since I started doing this project. Honestly, I really don't like it Redone: DAY Kanto 066 - 067 - 068