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Fire is one of the hardest things to do, but there are a few tricks you can do to get your flame animations to look pretty good. Shown bel.

((Open RP - I'm the girl named Sheera)) "Woah!" I say, seeing the hunter in the grass. The barrel of the gun was pointed right at me. "Uh, could you put the gun down?" I say. "I-I'm not what y-you're looking f-for. R-really. Just, I'm, j-just go away." I stutter.

" Um-C-can you p-please put the gun away-" Hunters usually set out for skins this season but not this early . Taking a couple steps back with her paws, her ears flickered with confusion. " I'm not e-even what your looking f-for-p-please-" ( Open Rp )

eyes drawing tutorial

30 Best Drawing Tutorials - Learn Drawing Techniques from Masters

How to Draw Eyes - Structure, How to Draw an Eye - Step by Step Tutorial, How to Draw Eyes with thanks to proko, How to draw Face

Corey Loftis

I'm a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios. This is work done off the clock. All work © Cory Loftis

“I AM MAD!” 14 frame sorta rough animation practice with expressions (this issue; angry/regretful)

“I AM MAD!” 14 frame sorta rough animation practice with expressions (this issue; angry/regretful)<< wow such smooth animation

SHANLI on Behance

SHANLI on Behance

Brave - ohhh this looks Great!   For me and my Scottish Clan =)!  New Disney Pixar. I so want Aubrey to be this for Halloween and she says NO, she is no fun.


Character concept art of Merida, the protagonist of Pixar's Brave. I will, of course, be playing her when this film becomes a Broadway sensation.