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#Paseo en bote

#Paseo en bote

For some reason I really want to build a boat...go figure. lol  There's something about them that is both beautiful and exciting. I like the idea of building something I can then go adventure in.

How To Build a Boat From Start To Finish

How to use fenders on a boat: positioning and knots | Cruising World -- via by TheBoatGalley.com

How to Use Boat Bumpers and Fenders

A cruiser offers a guide to the enlightened art of fendering, along with useful tips to prevent wear-and-tear to your sailboat’s topsides. Hands-On Sailor "Seamanship" from our September 2012 issue.

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"All in A Name" Stripes Onepiece Romper Playsuit (2 colors available)

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WINDESIGN - THE SPLASH PROOF LUGGAGE COLLECTION!! #Windesign, #WindesignSailing, #Sailing, #Bags, #SplashProof, #Luggage #Dinghy www.windesignsailing.com

WINDESIGN - THE SPLASH PROOF LUGGAGE COLLECTION!! #Windesign, #WindesignSailing, #Sailing, #Bags, #SplashProof, #Luggage #Dinghy www.windesignsailing.com

Here are some great tips on how to keep your cat from destroying the Christmas tree

How to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving has ended and everyone knows what that means! It’s time to put up a Christmas tree! However, the very thought of putting up a tree strikes fear in the minds of many cat parents.

Features: -Adds a beautiful photo image to your room. -Wipe with a damp cloth. -Komar collection. Product Type: -Wall mural. Theme: -Sea/Beach/Nautical. Color: -Multi-colored. Compatible Surfac

Glorious white sailboat, sailing on a blue sea turns a door into a maritime voyage. x 2 Panel Mural Unpasted Vinyl Coated Paper

A ship sailing into the sunrise. Check out the Matthew Williamson beach collection at matthewwilliamson.com

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

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The System Provides Inertia Based Dinghy Braking

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the owl and the pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat.