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Sapphire and Ruby~ How I ship them~

ball beachball blue eyes blue sky bracelet brown hair clouds hair ribbon haruka (pokemon) haruka (pokemon) (remake) jewelry looking at viewer mei (maysroom) ocean open mouth pokemon pokemon (creature) pokemon (game) pokemon oras ribbon short sho


Rotom Dex is so awesome! Hope they bring it back in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!


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Before and After

Let's face it, Hoenn is hot~ --- Look at how much taller Brendan & May are Aside from the increase in height,.

Alolan Vulpix(ice type) and Ninetails(ice/fairy type) from Pokémon Sun and Moon

Alolan Vulpix & Alolan Ninetails by YAJUU

Pokémon sol y luna llegarán a finales de 2016 con vulpix y Ninetales forma alola…