#wattpad #fanfic ➳ " Así te quería ver.. díme, Park, ¿tienes idea de quién soy yo como para que te atrevas a robar en mi propiedad? ¿no? Oh, tranquilo, soy Jeon Montana, tu pesadilla. " ➻ Historia 100% mía. ➻ No está permitido adaptar y mucho menos plagiar. ➻ Lenguaje explícito. ➻ Top: JungKook ➻ Bottom: JiMin ➻ A...

JEON MONTANA ➳ KookMin - 국민 FANFIC. - 4 7.

I saw jiminie and started den i saw rapmon and laughed harder and saw kookie and laughed my freakin ass off

“why do they look like food in a microwave”

kookie: "I found a badass move to impress the girls" /does clock dance/


Everyone's acting hot than there's V like whaaaa

(2) ทวิตเตอร์

That hoodie looks like the one Baekhyun wore, which would only make sense that he gave it to Taehyung, who in turn let his boyfriend wear it!

Jin #(=^.^=)

JIN♡ (That awkward moment when a boy is prettier than you and you're okay with it lol)

Jimin 지민 | Bangtan 방탄 | V App: BTS Live in Tokyo 1/2

Read Seokjin from the story My Host; Namjin by jhopeoppatrash (I❤️sugakookies) with 673 reads.

Yayyyy!! Jungkookieee is so cuuuuteeeee. Ugh, Ok jungkook.... Now, lemme hug you XD ♡♡♡♡ #BTS

Ugh, Ok jungkook. Now, lemme hug you XD ♡♡♡♡ does no one see amazing adorable jimin 💙💙

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