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Elvis Hayride show, live on stage, Saturday, December 1956 -Who Owns the Complete Elvis Presley

This is a picture of Elvis Presley singing his song Jailhouse Rock. Ponyboy may have saw this music video.

This is a picture of Elvis Presley singing his song Jailhouse Rock.

Elvis Presley || Bob Neal and Elvis looking over Cash Box Magazine - ca. Aug. 1955

Bob Neal and Elvis Presley. January 1955 - Elvis' new managerial contract with Bob Neal goes into effect on this date - Neal managed Elvis for about a year a half.

SUMMER, 1956 | Two African-American newspapers in Memphis, The Memphis World and The Tri-State Defender, hailed Elvis as a “Race Man” — not just for his music but also for his indifference to the usual social distinctions. In the summer of 1956, The World reported, “the rock ’n’ roll phenomenon cracked Memphis segregation laws, by attending the Memphis Fairgrounds amusement park during what is designated as ‘Colored Night'.”

ELVIS The World reported, “the rock ’n’ roll phenomenon cracked Memphis’s…


Elvis Presley and Bill Black Rock 'N' Roll at the Memorial Coliseum Buffalo, NY - April 1 1957

Elvis_8 June 1956-commercial-appeal-memphis_2-m-e11

Elvis Presley: early hit recordings, 1954-1956 / selected live performances, 1956-1957

Elvis Presley dropped by The Commercial Appeal on the night of June 1956 and found an offbeat note. He saw a story that a Canadian radio station was banning his records. "A lot of people like it," was one of his comments.

Elvis Presley

“ July 1956 ▸Elvis performs at the Russwood Park in Memphis. Photo by Alfred Wertheimer.

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Elvis with his manager , Colonel Tom Parker, catching some rays. Elvis had always been very careful about getting sunburnt after he got a bad dose while water skiing. He also can't go to tan whilst he's doing a movie