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Circus Ladies / #dark_circus #night_circus #carnival

Photo by Perception Crisis Photography. My hair by Courtney Cope. Hat, parasol and cage hoop skirt by me. With Shelby, who made her costume.

Steampunk/Dieselpunk International

Steampunk digital camera mod - Hatton Cross Steampunk United Geekdom Of GNU/Linux

idea inspiration

Not a big fan of steam punk.but this is pretty cool! Victorian styled Steampunk pendant with polished glass, wire wrapping and watch parts.

Sahara lee kim - Google+

I need a new Dragon ! Steampunk Dragon by Vintedge artworks - Lance Oscarson

I'd wear this

i think every nerdy girl has the fantasy of an outfit consisting of leather pants, a flowing coat and then kicking some major ass.YUP I'M A NERDY GIRL!

Vorbereitung für die Marktsaison Aufwändig verarbeitete Gürteltaschen im viktorianischen / Steampunk Stil. Innendeckel mit feinem Muster geprägt, von Hand gefärbt und vernäht. Leder punziert. Messi...

Unique and extremely ornate, handmade, Steampunk shoulder bag AND belt bag. Worn as a shoulder bag or belt bag for technicians, timer. shoulder bag of the Timelord or Timelady

Recently we watched the 2011 BBC production of Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations,” in which the protagonist, Pip, who is newly risen from...

Great Expectations 2011 BBC Douglas Booth as Pip - great Victorian costume, love the frock coat

Clockwork steampunk fairy - Funny and interesting little steampunk fairy sitting on the tip of a finger.

The intricate design of this piece! ~~Steampunk Fairy by artist Susan Beatrice (FB page is "All Natural Arts"). I suppose I could also post it with my fairies… :D

EPBOT: Dragon*Con Steampunk Gallery

Rather than mixing these in with my other costume posts, I figured I'd showcase all of the best steampunk costumes I found here.

White rabbit clock mask

DIY Alice in Wonderland Steampunk White Rabbit Mask Tutorial from EPBOT here. Leather mask and giant pocket watch (vintage wall clock) will take patience. Beautiful & cool & creepy all at once.