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Visualization of the first 1000 digits of pi!  Image by Cristian Ilies Vasile

The Beautiful Flow of Pi. Cristian Ilies Vasile designed this visualization of the first digits of the mathematical constant pi using Circos to plot the sequence of digits…in a circular pattern of course!

18 Everyday Things Made Awesome Under A Microscope.

18 Everyday Things Made Awesome Under A Microscope.

18 Everyday Things Made Awesome Under A Microscope. <<< Everyday things made gross under a microscope

chaosophia218:  Sacred Geometry of the Nautilus Shell.The...

Sacred Geometry of the Nautilus Shell. The Chambered Nautilus is a living fossil that has survived in Earth’s oceans for the last 500 million years. Existing before there were fish, dinosaurs, or mammals, the Nautilus could grow up to six meters long.


Hypotrochoid - A roulette traced by a point attached to a circle of radius (r) rolling around inside the fixed circle of radius (R) where the point is a distance (d) from the center of the interior circle

L‘image et la science sont étroitement liées car la représentation visuelle permet de poser et décrypter des concepts abstraits. Le projet Braindance...

Braindance on Behance "Information Architecture" Braindance is a neuro-art project that tries to bridge the gap between science and art. Its goal was to find and visualize the differences in people's response to music they heard for the first time.

Hundreds of photos of women from each country combined to make the "general face". Awesome photography project.

Funny pictures about Average Woman From Each Country. Oh, and cool pics about Average Woman From Each Country. Also, Average Woman From Each Country photos.


Pattern diagram of the Venus-Earth orbital ratio. A Venus day to an Earth year replicates the perfect symmetry of the Golden Mean. 'Astronomy Explained Upon Sir Isaac Newton’s Principles'


Open Calais Content Maps OpenCalais is a web service that aims to enable the…

Music and mathematics go hand in hand.

The fractal geometry of the structure of the vacuum of space encoded into our musical systems! For more on the connection between music and Sacred geometry. Explore further the fractal holographic nature of the cosmos: Music and harmony

Vitruvian Man

Golden Ratio- Knowledge of this was very guarded and only the most intelligent artists and architects knew about the Sacred Geometry and used it in their work.

Walter Russell and The Secret of Light

The Secret of Light

The Wave Cycle - Cathode Waves Wind the Cosmic Clock Centripetally - Anode Transverse Waves Unwind it Centrifugally