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Love Like You | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme

Love Like You

Love Like You | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme

The poor baby Jasper  but I wouldn't be surprised if this actually happened in the series.

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This is so beautiful! The art, the realism, and their songs! It's amazing. While we're on the run, i'll become stronger than you, and I'll do it for him to restore peace and love on the planet Earth.

The Crystal Gems and their Steven I love love love the way all of them look. (And is it just me or steven looks alot like percy jackson from the first book in the last picture?



That's awesome >>> ARE YOU KIDDING, WHO WOULD DO THIS?!?!

What a beautiful day for slaughter! 《Stab me in the heart and twist the dagger, it would hurt less, especially since I just completed a genocide run and feel like a terrible person.