Cattleya orchid, the genus consists of 113 species of orchids native to Costa Rica, the Lesser Antilles and Argentina.

BrassoLaelioCattleya Crowfield 'Mendenhall' ~ by Charles Boco by frankie

Inter-Generic Orchid-Hybrid Blc: BrassoLaelioCattleya Crowfield 'Mendenhall' ~ Photo by Charles Boco

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I had a white one yellow center same as my Moms wedding boquet.Blooms are quite large on Cattleya orchids and come in quite a few colors, most commonly pinks and purples.

Cattleya Orchid

Cattleya Orchid

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Purple Orchid's sensuality cannot be understated. Orchids are by far one of the most emotionally appealing flowers. The colors are bright and pure and the fragrance is exquisite.

These orchids look a lot like "Lady Slippers," but are actually called "Fairy Slippers"

Calypso Orchids by Joe Fierst on Capture Minnesota // Also known as the Fairy Slipper orchid - this wild orchid is tiny, easily overlooked.