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Nooooo<<<proof that the comics are so much worse emotionally than the movies will EVER be.

I found out that a friend of mine ships Stony and I need all the Stucky proof I can get as ammo in this war

He's not the kind you save...he's the kind that takes you to Coney Island, makes you ride the cyclone, and laughs when you throw up.

It's funny cause Steve has a horrified face 😂

The only way to really hurt Steve was torturing Bucky in front of him, while he could do nothing to make them stop.

get :) away :) from :) me :)<<<um guys zemo is gonna be in civil war<< Seb said we would cry a lot in civil war.

NO!!! I'M NOT/OR EVER WILL BE READY FOR THAT! ||| YES!  Sorry, Chris, you've done a wonderful job, but CAPTAIN BARNES, HOLY CRAP, YES!!

Ugh I don't want this to be true but I read the comics sooo I'll just have to deal with it all over again


I would donate my left arm for this to be a civil war remake(with the same cast tho)

YES! #stucky

Stony for me but y'all are gonna ship what y'all are gonna ship<<<<I’m stucky all the way but I don’t mind stony, and I think superfamily is cute

*screams like Thor when he saw Hulk in the arena*<— That is such an accurate reaction this needs to be the new thing

Yes. Everything.<< we call this ship/au/whatever, "shrinkyclinks". It is precious and I love it.

<< we call this ship/au/whatever, "shrinkyclinks".<< I agree.

best bromance ever. people are all "there so gay!" but they really just love each other like brothers

1936 and 2016 by SilasSamle on DeviantArt---- can we talk about how Sam's shirt says "I believe I can fly" while Bucky's says "winter is coming." Also this is literally what I always say. They're not gay!

This is the cutest thing omg <-- lowkey crying bc if that's pre-serum steve i will literally kms

This is the cutest thing omg <-- lowkey crying bc if that's pre-serum steve i will feel my heart fall apart