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Deep Sea Creature The creepiest shit lives down in the blackest parts of the ocean

Deep Sea Creature The creepiest fish live down in the blackest parts of the ocean

Le Poisson-Ogre  Là où il vit, entre 500 et 5 000 m de profondeur, la nourriture est tellement rare qu'il doit pouvoir manger à peu près tout ce qu'il rencontre. Proportionnellement parlant, c'est l'animal qui possède les plus grandes dents au monde, il ne peut même pas fermer complètement sa mâchoire. Contrairement aux autres espèces qui vivent dans les profondeurs, il est puissant et robuste, lui, c'est un vrai prédateur.

this monster would give me nightmares .no thank you Baltimore Aquarium Deep Sea Fish

This incredible picture of an octopus, taken by Joshua Lambus, in Hawaii reveals the glowing creature that is just a few centimeters in size. It was found in water more than 7,000ft deep, off the coast of Kailua-Kona.

Cuttlefish Luminous creatures: Glowing deep sea creatures photographed by Joshua Lambus - Telegraph

Squid species 'Promachoteuthis sulcus' seems to possess teeth, which are actually "lips" that protect the animal's beak (jaws). Only a small specimen of this species was found in the South Atlantic, at a depth of around 6,600 ft, and there are not much information about this animal.    Photo: Richard E. Young

Squid With Human Teeth

Promachoteuthis sulcus, a bizarre creature. As you can see, this thing has human looking teeth. It’s a species of promachoteuthid squid and only one specimen has been found to date. It was captured in the Southern Atlantic Ocean at a depth of

Jorunna Funebris or the Polka-dot Jorunna Nudibranch. Image credit: John Akar

Polka dot nudibranch by John Akar. Jorunna funebris - the black spots are actually bristles sticking out of body.

Knobby Argonaut

Argonauta nodosa aka knobby or knobbed argonaut aka "paper nautilus" is a species of pelagic octopus.

Glasswing, the transparent Fish

Translucent Goby Fish, Egypt Photo – Tobias Friedrich Two tiny gobies, neither of which is any bigger than an inch in the water near Marsa Alam, Egypt

Tropical coloured fish

The Mandarinfish or Mandarin Dragonet _ is probably the most colorful aquarium fish in the world. It is scientifically named Synchiropus splendidus. _ Amazing Animals: The World’s Most Colorful Aquatic Animals



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the deep ocean. Octopus legs look like roots of a tree.Kinda interesting that the function of the tentacles on those legs are similar to those of a root of tree. TTHATS A SQUID ISNT IT