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A U.S. Army M-31 tank recovery vehicle in the El Guettar valley,Tunisia in 1943.The M-31 was based on an M-3 Lee/Grant chassis and had a dummy turret and 75mm gun in an attempt to bluff the enemy. It had a 60,000 lb. winch on the rear.(rudeerude)

An American tank retriever on the move after the battle of El Guettar, Tunisia, April This is a Tank Retriever based on the Medium tank chassis


Sherman burnt out after being hit during the fighting around Herrlisheim - January 1945

The Six-Day War

The Six-Day War with Dr Michael L McSwiney In June 1967 escalating tensions between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations

Tanks of the American 11th Armored Division crossing the Muhl River near Neufelden, Austria. May 4, 1945.

Tank`s of the American Armored Division , crossing the Muhl River near Neufelden - Austria May 4 1945

Кто сказал, что от всех этих военных железяк народному хозяйству одни убытки ? Во пример обратного - военная железяка (M32 Tank Recovery Vehicle; SIPRI сообщает о поставке 40 экземпляров в 1955) вместе с мирным трактором выпрямляют завалившийся тоже мирный прицеп. Но основная задача всё-же -…

Thousands of Palestinian civilians flee a third day of Israeli attacks.

Israeli M51 Sherman

The Sherman tank in IDF service was modified in the mid to equip a French gun.

Tank “Sherman”, equipped with a flamethrower, paired with a 105 mm howitzer. Just released 70 machines.

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Columns of medium tanks "General Lee", received by the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease agreement, belonging to the Guards Army on the march to the front line. Region of Kursk, July 1943