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blackwork elephant thigh tattoo by @_matteo_gallo_

Elephant Tattoo Meaning - theWildTattoo


Gorgeous black white Geisha with tattoo writing exposed over her shoulder.

Temporary Tattoo Dragon Waterproof Ultra Thin by UnrealInkShop

Temporary Tattoo Dragon Waterproof Ultra Thin by UnrealInkShop. fake, but like drawing

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I like this, but I would want more shading and just a bit of more coloring in the bird

Twirling around in the vast open space I was breathing in the playful atmosphere of children squealing with delight, without a thought in, mind, I was lost in the moment, the breeze in slow motion.  It entices me forwards to lock into what is mine, my rightful ownership.  I am the one, I am the archetype I am the person to solve the problems of mankind.  Will you stay with me?

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Quetzal inspiration by *o-LilSweets-o on deviantART (Artist requests that if you use this as inspiration that you at least alter the design before using on yourself) this would be such an awesome tattoo I love birds

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Tattoos are a unique way to be sexy. And a good position of a cool tattoo simply amplifies your sex