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My name is Liza. I am an escape artist. I am very naughty (and clever). I escaped under the fence…AGAIN! I almost gave my mom a panic attack! Now my parents are going to take all my fun away….estimate on fencing options….

Whole Website of Pet Shaming - I could look at these all day.  #hilarious #dogs #pets

In a world of badly-behaved pooches, Rabbit, a Heinz 57 of a terrier, has been crowned Britain’s naughtiest dog by Country Life magazine

Dog Shaming.     Fantastic.

"I ate your wine vomit before you could clean it up. Then I tried to lick your face. it's the owner who should be wearing a shame sign really.

festival frenchie

Disguising Doggy Costumes

ok ok, i didnt literally LOL but this made me smile. Costumes of a Dog Named Trotter, Photos by Sonya Yu

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Puppy Spa day- we just had to include this :) My pup would definitely be joining me at my at-home spa day :) Haan Lohmeyer Haan Lohmeyer McCoy Jeunesse and

These Bulldogs Are Shaming Their Owners And It's Hilarious

These Bulldogs Are Shaming Their Owners And It's Hilarious

This puppy who ate his last bee. But it's so adorable cause he's A WITTLE PUPPY WHO LOOKS LIKE HE JUST TOOK BENEDRYL

37 Animals Who Failed So Spectacularly They Almost Won

Hall of Shame | BaggyBulldogs

Hall of Shame

“I got ran over by a trailer and now I’m milking it for all its worth.” Our dog Pot Roast attacked a trailer and lost the fight