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Teaching creationism to children is teaching them to ignore reason, facts and reality. Tea Party mentality in a NUTshell.

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Padre perdónalos, no saben lo que hacen.


Padre perdónalos, no saben lo que hacen.


This post kind of makes mad and it doesn't make sense>:(

“I hope they speak Norwegian in hell!" Stats: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Peace_Index

I guess Hell is every Norwegian's winter get away plan.

You have a right to your religion. You do NOT have the right to force it on me--or anyone else, for that matter!

Or in other words, I respect people, I don't just always respect their ideas.

I needed to read this tonight. Children like easy, black & white, comfortable answers to the world. Family members that offer them easy answers, using a loving god, will probably win them over in early years. Despite these influences, logic and reason will likely prevail later down the road given the right, gentle and consistent guidance throughout their adolecense #atheistparenting #raisingfreethinkers

Stop the Child Brainwashing and indoctrination! If it is good, children will join when they can reason that it is good. If not, then re-examine your religion.


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There are different degrees of stupidity. The cross has the totem pole beat.

The Sophistication Of Religion

As an atheist looking in from the outside this is what religion looks like. People laughing and disagreeing with one another over their beliefs. As Peter Berger said "All religions cannot be true, so none of them must be true.

In seven states atheists are prohibited from holding public office. Most are in the south. Surprise!

This Group Faces Shocking Discrimination Based On Their Beliefs About God

Atheists Face Discrimination On A Shocking Level. I predict-believe-HOPE, that the 3 idiotic abrahamic religions will pass into the history books.