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My entry for Brickvention 2015.

Bridge of Lost Souls for Brickvention 2015 by Nick Runia a.

10. DarkWater Keep

I guess that means I have too many legos now. Sorry bricklink sellers!

Crown Knights

~ Lego MOCs Fantasy ~ Crown Knights by Legonardo Davidy

TT Intro: A final goodbye (Main)

My intro for The Tourney More on mocpages. I (Elisa) am a member of the Average GnomIIes, along with Kai Bernstein (Ganner), Brick Productions ("John"), Infernum (Rego) and Isaac Snyder (Dedan) Thanks for viewing!

DSC_3866 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

DSC_3866 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Kjeldslot03 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

GCX Unrestricted – Preparation at Castle Kjeldslot


Again United With Humans: A LEGO® creation by Hrvoje Majetich

Stage three of my caste evolution project

CCCX The Old Monastery | ReBrick | From LEGO Fan To LEGO Fan

My entry for Swebrick's competion "Scary Castles and fortresses". Thanks to de Gothia and Derfel Cadarn for inspiration.



GCX - An End to the Madness | by aardwolf_83

GCX - An End to the Madness | by aardwolf_83


A journey to Mitgardia

~ Lego Mocs Holidays ~ Halloween ~ Dracula Castle - CCC XIII | by Toltomeja

The Brothers Brick

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Medieval tower by Becheman on Brickshelf

~ Lego MOCs Fantasy ~ The dead must bury the dead